November 14, 2018

Managing Alzheimer’s on a Limited Budget

Caring for your loved one at home can save countless thousands of dollars.

Mike & Me author Rosalys Peel
When Mike was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, we were far from rich. Perhaps like you we had set aside a small nest egg and were living on a modest budget. We had good health care insurance along with Mike's Medicare, but we did not have long-term health care insurance.
October 5, 2018

How Alzheimer’s Couples Stay in Love

The first rule is, "Never give up on your loved one."

Mike & Me author Rosalys Peel
It's a common fear and misconception:  As Alzheimer's advances, every couple wonders, "Will my loved one and I inevitably lose our special connection and fall out of love?"  While every couple is different, I assure you that you should never accept the notion that it's only a matter of time before your love is lost.